E-Stop Control System

The Emergency Stop Control System is the latest state of art system that is designed for industrial applications and is outfitted with a rugged stainless steel enclosure. Midwest Cryogenics offers the most complete set of standard features while maintaining competitive pricing.

Additional Features The E-Stop control system is designed to interact with the oxygen deficiency monitor or other monitors with proper connections. The remote actuated liquid nitrogen supply valve will close if one of the following occurs: power is lost, internal fault is detected within oxygen deficiency monitor or to the E-Stop control system, if an auxiliary alarm condition occurs, or if the oxygen monitor goes into a low oxygen alarm, or simply if the red emergency stop button is pushed.
Options Optional Stack Light Assembly - Length= 8-2/3” - Width= 2” - Height= 8-2/3” - Diameter= 2” -Depth= 2” - Lamp Life= 2500 Hours -5000 Candle Power - Voltage= 115 V-0.4 Amps AC-15 Watts -Surface Mounting- Operating Temp= -4