Acme Model S7000 Automatic Changeover Manifolds are designed to eliminate system downtime by ensuring uninterrupted gas flow from two banks of compressed gas cylinders. Model S7000 manifolds are identical in function and performance to Model S9000 manifolds, however, they are not enclosed, but rather mounted to a steel panel.||Model S7000 manifolds are a more cost effective option for users who desire the performance features of the S9000 manifolds, but do not require an enclosed unit.

Connections Outlet: 1/4″ Tube Compression Fitting
Dimensions 14″H x 12″W (Other sizes available)
Inlet Pressure 3000 PSIG (max)
Outlet Pressure 100 PSIG (max)
Gauges Brass: 2 1/2”|Stainless Steel: 2”
Instrument Air 90 PSIG
Material Brass
# of Cylinders 2
Optional Equipment Acme Model S300 Remote Alarm Box (alarm, lights and cable) Explosion-proof Construction Isolation Valves Vent Valves
Options Brass or Stainless Steel|Cylinders- 2,4,6,8,10,12,14,16|Alarm Options- Explosion proof and none |
Product Type Specialty Gas Manifold
Required Power Supply 110 VAC
System Operations Once cylinders have been installed, the changeover manifold will first accept flow from the pre-determined primary bank. The S7000’s control knob points to the primary bank for easy identification.||When the primary bank reaches a preset low pressure, the reserve bank automatically takes over. To replace the empty cylinder bank, the operator simply turns the control knob to switch priority.