Liquid Cylinder Fill Manifolds are available in “manual” or “automatic” configurations for convenient, cost-effective liquid cylinder filling. Automation can include either the fill or vent cycle or both. Models are available for inert and oxygen service.

Outlet Pressure 5-55_Type K Copper Tube
Optional Equipment Automatic Fill/Vent System- Acme’s optional Automatic Fill/Vent System includes a Scale with Ramp and Anchors and a PLC based control system. This system allows for filling multiple liquids by user-entry of full liquid cylinder weights. The scale then senses when the liquid cylinder is full and the controller sends a signal to close the solenoid valve on the Fill Manifold, terminating the Fill. The controller can also signal the vent solenoid on the Fill Manifold to automate the vent cycle.
Options Left to Right or Right to Left Configuration
Product Type Cylinder Fill Plant Equipment