Generation 2 Food Processing Blender

Acme Generation Two Gas Blenders are engineered for onsite mixing of industrial gases for food processing to the close tolerances demanded by industry today. Accuracy is within +/- 2% of the minor gas.||Generation Two gas blenders come equipped with an integral analyzer. A convenient control panel display of pressures and gas mixture percentages make them easy to operate.||Acme offers a variety of standard Generation Two Gas Blender models.

Dimensions See Options
Flow Capacity See Options
Inlet Pressure 100-250 PSIG
Outlet Pressure 40-110 Type K Copper Tube
Surge Vessel Size Stainless Steel
Temperature Range Outdoor: 10ºF|Indoor: 100ºF
Weight Lbs. See Options
Accuracy/Repeatability |± 2% (60-80ºF)
Additional Features CUSTOM ENGINEERED TO MEET SPECIFIC REQUIREMENTS|Two or more gas blending|Fixed or variable ratios|Special materials|Explosion Proof / Intrinsically Safe|Pneumatic blender controls require no external power and operate off gas pressure (particularly suited to hazardous duty areas|Lockable enclosure|Designed for NFPA / ANSI / ASME Code Compliance
Configurations Large Horizontal Surge Tank|115 VAC, 60 Hz, 2.0 Amp Electrical Supply|Electronic Pressure Switch (greater than 3 times life of standard switches)|Liquid Filled Pressure Gauges|Front Access for All Controls|Modular Alarm/Control Section|Thermal Conductivity Gas Analyzer|User Programmable Hi/Lo Analyzer Alarm|Alarm Horn with Acknowledge/Silence Button|Tank Filling Indicator
Product Type Blenders
System Operations Supply gases can be furnished in cylinders, liquid cylinders or other bulk supply methods. The gases are blended as desired and then distributed through the pipeline system to welder stations or other process equipment. The mixture remains consistent regardless of withdrawal rate, as long as operating parameters remain constant. These gas blenders provide the ability to change blends when desired and offer significant cost savings over premixed gas cylinders.