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The Acme Model CF-1200 AR welding gas blender’s all pneumatic construction provides an accurate, consistent blend while eliminating the dangers of live electrical current. This explosion proof model utilizes a vertical tank and allows for higher volume than other comparable blenders on the market.

Connections Inlet: 3/4″ FNPT Connection|Outlet: 3/4″ FNPT Connection
Dimensions |63″H x 36″W x 24″D
Flow Capacity 1200-4000 SCFH
Inlet Pressure |100-150 PSIG
Max. Ambient 120º F
Min. Ambient 0º F
Outlet Pressure 100-200 Type K Copper Tube
Surge Vessel Size 80 Gallons, Painted Carbon Steel
Weight Lbs. 350 lbs
Accuracy/Repeatability |± 2% (60-80º F)
Additional Features CUSTOM ENGINEERED TO MEET SPECIFIC REQUIREMENTS|Two or more gas blending|Fixed or variable ratios|Special materials|Explosion Proof / Intrinsically Safe|Pneumatic blender controls require no external power and operate off gas pressure (particularly suited to hazardous duty areas|Lockable enclosure|Designed for NFPA / ANSI / ASME Code Compliance
Configurations All Pneumatic Controls Suitable for Use in Class 1, Division II Hazardous Locations|Weatherproof (from 0-120 degrees F)|+/- 1/2% Blend Concentration Repeatability/ +/- 2% Accuracy|Automatic Shutdown (optional)|Continuous or Intermittent Blended Gas Delivery Flow
Optional Equipment Low-Pressure Shutdown|Heat Exchanger for Temperature Compensation|Customized Blender Options|Completely Pneumatic Control System|Alternate Gas Combinations|Fixed Gas Percentage Models (FR)|Alarms
Product Type Blenders
System Operations The Acme Model CF-1200 AR gas blender utilizes throttling orifices and a needle valve to pneumatically control flow into the tank. As the gas in the tank is depleted, the pressure drops to a pre-determined level where constant flow blending automatically begins. When the higher pressure level is achieved, the unit automatically shuts off until the cycle is repeated.||Based on system demands, the CF-1200 AR blender can be custom sized and built to deliver a wide range of flow rates, up to 4000 SCFH. This blender is equipped with inlet filters and pressure regulators, and can also be built with an automatic shutdown feature.||This blender can be supplied with dual orifices for a fixed ratio (CF-1200FR).||If large laboratory requirements for gas mixtures are anticipated, users should consider the CF-1200 AR, as significant cost savings may be realized.